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I sell children's books for a living, and read almost nothing but. The first does not necessarily cause the second, as books for children and teens are better than anything in the world.



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Avoiding Spoilers During Award Season

When it gets close to the ALA Youth Media Awards, I start to panic that I haven't read enough of the books. And when that happens, I start to go looking for people to tell me what to focus on. Often those people are found at places like Heavy Medal.


The problem with reading blogs like Heavy Medal and Someday My Printz Will Come in January is that the discussions of the books are in-depth. Very in-depth. So if you inadvertently click on a lengthy post rather than a shortlist suggestion post, you might, for instance, find out more about WINGER than you wanted to know before you got to that particular part.




Not blaming the bloggers; totally my fault for not being careful. 


But still: sigh.