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I sell children's books for a living, and read almost nothing but. The first does not necessarily cause the second, as books for children and teens are better than anything in the world.



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Winger by Andrew Smith

Winger - Andrew  Smith

This is one I hope gets a phone call at Printz Time.


ive seen some complaints about the ending and some complaints about the book not knowing what sort of book it was, and it dismiss all of that with a wave of my hand because I am so in love with Ryan Dean West. (Inside joke of sorts if you've read it.) it's hard to discuss this thoroughly because there are a couple of things that happen that are big surprises and I don't want to spoil.


i listened to this on audio and it was magnificently done. I loved being immersed in this character's head. I loved the varied style of the book, and the richly painted characters. I think Andrew Smith is so talented, and he's impossible to pigeonhole, and I love it.


highly, highly recommend this.